A leading e-commerce payment solutions company builds a new customer portal for managing payments and transactions.

Founded in 1983, Valitor is a leading online and e-commerce payment solutions company, with more than 200 employees and 30 partners worldwide. Operating internationally, the company offers services to partners, merchants, banks, and cardholders around the world. Valitor works in close collaboration with Visa EU and MasterCard, and is active in the prepaid field, offering issuing and processing services for entities running, or planning to run, prepaid programs in Europe.


The company wanted to design and rebuild their main customer portal, which was utilized by businesses as a point-of service. Through this portal, customers are able to view their transactions and associated fees, report on transactional data, and accept credit card payments.

We worked with Valitor’s development teams, starting early in the process, with their product manager as our primary point of contact. We worked from the ground up, with the end goal of building a completely new portal that would solve their customers’ efficiently and effectively.

Together, we conducted user research through several interviews and collected and analyzed data from the company’s previous product. Using this data, we created user personas for the product.

We developed a live style guide, a library of reusable front-end components. We generated sketches and, rather than drawing every screen in Photoshop and then coding that up, we were able to leverage our development experience and go straight to coding.

Our team delivered front-end code to Valitor’s Scrum team and, over the course of several months, we worked directly with them to implement the design. The end result was a fully functional portal that was created using a process which started with strategy and design, identifying the problems and solutions up front, bringing in stakeholders from the very beginning, and involving key stakeholders throughout the process.


  • Branding and Identity
  • Visual and UI Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Design


The end result was a website with product pages, pages with downloadable content, such as Ebooks, a webinar registration page for demos, and other custom content, and which was capable of generating and nurturing leads, and keeping customers engaged throughout the customer lifecycle.

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