LS Retail

A leading developer of POS and management software solutions builds a new retail product for use in thousands of stores worldwide.

LS Retail is an international company with offices in the US and around the world. They build POS and business management software solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors.


Sigur helped LS Retail design and build a new retail point of sales system for the Microsoft MPOS platform to be used in thousand of stores worldwide. As LS Retail is a Microsoft company, we designed the new product using the Microsoft design language.

Our team worked with key stakeholders to design the system from the ground up. Before starting, our teams met together several times to lay out the high-level design requirements for the system. One of the key challenges was designing a responsive system on top of the MPOS platform. One of the primary requirements was speed: in retail, it's important to have fast processing. We included large buttons and interactive elements, which would help to minimize mistakes.

Our role

  • Product Design
  • UI/UX
  • Prototyping


We created an interactive, high-fidelity prototype with animations, which was validated with customers.

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