A high-growth, Icelandic startup that is digitally transforming the global supply chain.

Controlant’s mission is to substantially reduce waste and deliver value to stakeholders, leading substantial operational cost savings.


The team sought to revamp the company’s brand to position it as a forward-thinking, innovative, and trusted partner to enterprises in the pharmaceuticals & life sciences and food & beverage supply chain.

I worked closely with the Controlant marketing team to design a new brand concept, which included a new logo, website, and graphic and printed assets.

Together, we partnered to create a strong and flexible brand that could be utilized across the company, as well as a new website to sell Controlan't services and solutions through a variety of landing pages and resources. The team selected a light-weight CMS for building and managing a static website integrated with Hubspot for direct customer communication.


  • Branding and identity
  • Web design
  • Front-end coding and development
  • Product design


We designed a modern brand and built a highly customizable website for a fast growing company that could be changed and extended as the company matured. The new brand identity enabled Conrolant to position itself as a unique and innovative technology and service provider within a stagnant market. The project resulted in an ongoing partnership, touching on every aspect of Controlant's identity and customer-facing touchpoints.

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